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 Coco Wet 8 oz   Coco Wet 8 oz   $6.95
Coco-Wet is an organic wetting agent formulated to maximize product absorption and coverage on all plant surfaces. Coco-Wet lowers the surface...
 Mykos30 1lb   Mykos30 1lb   $6.95
Mykos30 (6-4-4) is a top quality blend consisting of a 30/70 mycorrhizae and organic fertilizer mix. Our premium mycorrhizae will help establish an...
 Dyna-Gro Bloom 8oz   Dyna-Gro Bloom 8oz   $7.95
Liquid Bloom 3 - 12 - 6 is a low nitrogen, high phosphorus complete nutrition formula specifically formulated to encourage the development of large...
 Superthrive 2 oz   Superthrive 2 oz   $7.95
SUPERTHRIVE - ADD TO FERTILIZER FOR GROWTH! UNIQUE NORMALIZING VITAMINS-HORMONES (50) Great for everything green ... indoor /outdoor plants,...
 Bill's Perfect Fertilizer 8 oz   Bill's Perfect Fertilizer 8 oz   $8.95
Bill's Perfect Fertilizer is a high phosphorus foliar fertilizer formulated to dramatically increase blooming and plant growth. This fertilizer is a...
 Dyna-Grow Orchid Pro 8 oz   Dyna-Grow Orchid Pro 8 oz   $9.95
Dyna-Gro ORCHID PRO 7-8-6 is a uniquely complete nutrient formula, which provides every essential element for optimum orchid growth and blooming.
 Flora Kleen qt   Flora Kleen qt   $9.95
FloraKleen dissolves away accumulated fertilizer salts. It reduces plant stress from excess and imbalanced nutrients. Use FloraKleen as a final flush...
 Xtreme Tea Brews 2ct   Xtreme Tea Brews 2ct   $10.95
Tea Brews are easy to use and brew blend of organic matter that is packed full of healthy soil microbes. With beneficial microorganisms present,...
 Blossom Blaster 20 gm   Blossom Blaster 20 gm   $11.95
 Blossom Blaster™ 0 - 39 - 25 is a powerful blend of phosphorous and potassium fertilizers. Use Blossom Blaster™ to add size to your blossoms by...
 DM Gold One Flower 1L   DM Gold One Flower 1L   $11.95
Dutch Master ONE is a remarkable breakthrough in one part hydroponic nutrient development. Dutch Master One now stands at the forefront of one part...
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 231 products)  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]