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 Super Tea Liquid gal   Super Tea Liquid gal   $47.95  $42.95
Save: 10% off

Promotes general health and growth of houseplants and garden vegetables. This formula is ideal for seedlings - won’t burn! Contains earthworm...
 Monster Bloom 500 gm   Monster Bloom 500 gm   $43.95
Monster Bloom™ is designed to increase the plant's ability to flower. It increases the essential oil content in herbs and speeds up the development...
 Beastie Bloom 1 lb   Beastie Bloom 1 lb   $44.95
Beastie Bloomz 0-50-30 is designed for gardeners that are ready to take their plants to the next level. This is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer...
 Cal-Mag Plus Gal   Cal-Mag Plus Gal   $44.95
CAL-MAG Plus 2-0-0 is a bio-catalyst for plants. It is a highly beneficial plant nutrient supplement to correct the inherent problem of calcium,...
 Cha Ching 1 lb   Cha Ching 1 lb   $44.95
Cha Ching 9 - 50 - 10 is engineered to maximize the final phase of a plant’s production. Made to use after the fruit has set, Cha Ching is packed...
 Multi Zen 1L   Multi Zen 1L   $44.95
House & Garden MultiZen is an extremely useful growth stimulator. MultiZen accelerates and simplifies the growth process and strengthens the...
 Open Sesame 1 lb   Open Sesame 1 lb   $44.95
Open Sesame 5-45-19 is a high-phosphorus soluble early-flowering formula fertilizer that is designed to bring plants into bloom at your command. Feed...
 Overdrive 1L   Overdrive 1L   $44.95
Overdrive is an ultra premium flower booster with a totally complete and very complex array of phosphorus, potassium, hormones and catalytic. These...
 Awesome Blossom 1L   Awesome Blossom 1L   $45.95
Awesome Blossoms (2-11-11) is a scientifically blended superior flower stimulant designed to nurture prolific and bold blooms in all your flowering...
 Diamond Nectar Gal   Diamond Nectar Gal   $46.95
ORGANIC!Containing the highest quality, most effective fulvic acid available, DIAMOND NECTAR™ can be used in hydroponic solutions or combined with...
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