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 Flora Micro HW 6 Gal   Flora Micro HW 6 Gal   $169.95
Flora Micro (5 - 0 - 1): If your tap water is over 200 ppm (or contains Calcium above 70 ppm), use Flora Micro Hardwater. If your water contains 30...
 Multi Zen 5L   Multi Zen 5L   $169.95
House & Garden MultiZen is an extremely useful growth stimulator. MultiZen accelerates and simplifies the growth process and strengthens the...
 Thrive Alive B-1 Red Gal   Thrive Alive B-1 Red Gal   $169.95
Thrive Alive is a power packed preventative and restorative general-purpose plant tonic. It stimulates rapid and lush vegetative growth and will...
 B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulant Gal   B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulant Gal   $159.95
B'Cuzz Bloom Stimulant 0-0-0.7 Especially for the plant’s blooming phase. B’Cuzz® Bloom stimulator encourages flower cell production and increases...
 B'Cuzz Growth Stimulant Gal   B'Cuzz Growth Stimulant Gal   $159.95
B’Cuzz® Growth Stimulator (1.0-0-0.7) has been developed specifically to stimulate the growth phase and it is a necessary supplement to normal...
 Grow Big 2.5 Gal   Grow Big 2.5 Gal   $155.95
Comprehensive blend of major, minor, and micro-nutrients. Formulated to promote spectacular growth, instant green-up, larger flowers, and color...
 Grow Big Hydro 2.5 Gal   Grow Big Hydro 2.5 Gal   $155.95
Grow Big Hydroponic One Part Fertilizer 3-2-6 delivers a full spectrum of micro-nutrients and allows for pH adjustment without nutrient lockup....
 Cocos A&B 10L   Cocos A&B 10L   $149.95
Coco coir requires an extremely precise composition of the various minerals, a task that you can safely leave to Cocos A & B. Within an extremely...
 Tiger Bloom 2.5 Gal   Tiger Bloom 2.5 Gal   $149.95
FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Vicious Bloomer 2-8-4 is specially designed for both soil and hydroponic applications. An ultra-potent, fast-acting, high...
 Big Bloom 2.5 gal   Big Bloom 2.5 gal   $139.95
Biologically active formula is an instant plant food. Dramatically enhances flavor and fragrance! Promotes strong extra large multiple blooms and...
Displaying 21 to 30 (of 231 products) [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]