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 Budswel Dry 12 lb   Budswel Dry 12 lb   $139.95
For fruiting and flowering plants. Easy to use - just mix with water and broadcast lightly around roses, or in flower beds. Contains earthworm...
 Flora Bloom 6 Gal   Flora Bloom 6 Gal   $139.95
The original Building-Block Nutrient System, often imitated but never duplicated. Flora Series contains complete Primary, Secondary and Micro...
 Flora Gro 6 Gal   Flora Gro 6 Gal   $139.95
Floragro (2 - 1 - 6)Stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. Provides nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and secondary...
 Overdrive 4L   Overdrive 4L   $139.95
Overdrive is an ultra premium flower booster with a totally complete and very complex array of phosphorus, potassium, hormones and catalytic. These...
 Roots Excelurator 500mL   Roots Excelurator 500mL   $135.95
Roots Excelurator is the best and most powerful root stimulator available on the market today and is a leading show-piece in the area of nutrients....
 Blossom Blaster 300 gm   Blossom Blaster 300 gm   $129.95
Blossom Blaster™ 0 - 39 - 25 is a powerful blend of phosphorous and potassium fertilizers. Use Blossom Blaster™ to add size to your blossoms by...
 Pure Blend Pro Bloom 2.5 Gal   Pure Blend Pro Bloom 2.5 Gal   $124.95
Pure Blend Pro Bloom Formula (2.5 - 2 - 5)is a stand-alone, one part hydro-organic vegetative and fruit / flower formula. A specialty custom blend of...
 Algen Extract 1L   Algen Extract 1L   $119.95
Algen extract is a premium blend of Norwegian Sea Kelp containing high levels of active enzymes, cytokinins, as well as amino acids. Our Algen...
 Awesome Blossom 4L   Awesome Blossom 4L   $111.95
Awesome Blossoms is a scientifically blended superior flower stimulant designed to nurture prolific and bold blooms in all your flowering plants....
 B.C. Boost 2.5 Gal   B.C. Boost 2.5 Gal   $111.95
The B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients are a powerpacked trio for nurturing generous vegetative crops and extraordinary floral growth. B.C. Boost, B.C. Bloom...
Displaying 31 to 40 (of 231 products) [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]