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Note: SS represents Sunlight Supply products & HF represents Hydrofarm products.

*All ballasts are priced w/o a cordset. *All T5 lighting units are priced including bulbs.

Note: We sell adapters that will match any of our reflectors to any of our ballasts. 

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 Hortilux HPS 400w Bulb   Hortilux HPS 400w Bulb   $99.95
HORTILUX™ SUPER HPS™ Super HPS™ grow lamps fine-tune your lighting system to povide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant...
 Sun Blaze 22   Sun Blaze 22   $99.95
Sun Blaze® fixtures feature an advanced reflector design that delivers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. White powder-coated steel housing. Wire...
 Yield Master 6" AC Reflector   Yield Master 6" AC Reflector   $111.95  $99.95
Save: 11% off

  Based off the success of the original Yield Master, Sunlight Supply has taken the design a step further with a proper air-cooled option. With...
 Ultra Sun HPS 1000w Bulb   Ultra Sun HPS 1000w Bulb   $79.95
HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM LAMPS - These lamps are red/orange in the spectrum. They are the best lamps available for secondary or supplementary lighting...
 Ultra Sun MH 1000w Bulb   Ultra Sun MH 1000w Bulb   $79.95
METAL HALIDE LAMPS - This type of light is blue-orientated in the spectrum. It is the best type of light to be used as a primary light source (if no...
 Agrosun MH 250w Bulb   Agrosun MH 250w Bulb   $69.95
AGROSUN Gold Halides help plants to grow their best! A Hydrofarm exclusive, these spectrally-enhanced halides are the best all-purpose growth and...
 Light Rail Add-A-Lamp Package   Light Rail Add-A-Lamp Package   $69.95
Includes: LRAAI3.5 -A six-foot rail and a six-foot pushrod LRAALHDWARE - One auxiliary trolley and a hardware pack (screws, nuts, and a zip tie)
 Compact Fluorescent Bulb 125w-65k   Compact Fluorescent Bulb 125w-65k   $59.95
Garden indoors year 'round. Grow flowers, herbs, and much more! MORE PRODUCTIVITY: No heat means more light energy right next to your plants HEALTHY...
 SS Econo Wing Reflector w/ Socket & Cord   SS Econo Wing Reflector w/ Socket & Cord   $49.95
• German made 95% reflective textured aluminum offers excellent reflective and diffusion properties vs. the competitors Chinese spectral pebble. •...
 Sun Blaze 41   Sun Blaze 41   $49.95
The Sun Blaze® Supreme Strip Light has a reflector design that maximizes output and diffusion. It offers an energy efficient high output ballast and...
Displaying 31 to 40 (of 59 products) [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]