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CDMC-6 Green Air CO2 Monitor/Controller (SPO)

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These Green Air Products systems are a breakthrough in CO2 detection and control. The CDMC-6 system is designed to sample the air and learn the characteristic of your space, then make adjustments as necessary to ensure a constant level of CO2. The CDM-6000 monitor employs a passive infrared sensor which samples theair once every second and then sends the sample data to the CDDS-2 sequencer. The CDDS-2 then activates or deactivates your CO2 enrichment or venting (exhaust) equipment to maintain desired CO2 PPM. The CDDS-2 uses a sophisticated adaptive algorithm or “Overshoot Protection Logic” to learn
the dynamics of the space being controlled. This allows the systems to avoid dramatic overshoots inherent to set point controllers or timed CO2 enrichment. These learned parameters are stored in thememory, even when the ‘POWER’ is off, or until you reset the unit. The CDMC-6 system offers a large LCD screen displaying the current CO2 levels in PPM. Set your desired CO2 level,‘Hysteresis’ and ‘Elevation’ to maintain precise levels without guesswork. The CDMC-6 system can be using for enriching or venting CO2 and incorporates a photosensor to defeat CO2 during dark periods (Night).”

***SPO- This item is only available Special Order.

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