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Flora Nova Grow qt

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Manufactured by: General Hydroponics
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FloraNova™ Grow 7-4-10 represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology, as it gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of hydroponic as well as organic gardening methods. FloraNova™ works superbly in hydroponic environments, as well as with both soil-less mixtures and soil grown plants.
• Extremely easy to use 1 part.
• Super concentrated and pH stabilized.
• Contains natural humic acids for better
nutrient absorption.
FLORANOVA GROW® 7 - 4 - 10
Works as a specialized nutrient for rapidly growing plants during the structural and foliar
growth phase.
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