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Kool Bloom Liquid Gal

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Manufactured by: General Hydroponics
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Liquid Koolbloom™ 0-10-10 Just like its dry counterpart Liquid KoolBloom™ is a highly concentrated additive that promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual and perennial flowers and herbs. Liquid KoolBloom™ is designed to be used during the reproductive cycle and will result in larger, heavier fruits and flowers. Liquid KoolBloom™ also enhances the production of essential oils and fragrances in flowers and culinary herbs.

Liquid KoolBloom™ is instantly soluble in your reservoir and immediately available for plant uptake. There is no more waiting for a powder to dissolve. Liquid KoolBloom™ is precisely formulated to enhance the performance of GH’s Flora, Nova, and Maxi series nutrients.
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