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Nitrogen Boost 250mL

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Manufactured by: House & Garden
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House & Garden's Nitrogen Boost provides plants with the additional levels of nitrogen they 
need for rapid growth.  Nitrogen Boost is carefully formulated to deliver a safe, high-quality form 
of nitrogen to your plants while promoting bigger yields, tastier vegetables, and a crop that is more 
resistant to pests, diseases, and adverse conditions.

Application Rate:

Nitrogen Boost should be used only during the vegetative stage of growth, starting with 1 ml per gallon 
on younger plants and progressing upwards to 2 ml per gallon by the end of the vegetative stage.  
For aggressive plants, these amounts can be doubled (starting with 2 ml and ending with 4 ml), but plants 
may grow too rapidly when supplied with excessive amounts of nitrogen, causing them to develop protoplasm 
faster than they can build sufficient supporting material in cell walls. Such plants are often rather weak and may 
be more susceptible to attacks by diseases and pests. 

Nitrogen Boost is extremely concentrated and overuse can also “burn” plants and damage leaves. Immediately flush 
plants at the first sign of nitrogen toxicity.

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