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Custom Cree LED 200w

Shipping Weight: 25 lbs
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As LED technology goes, the C.O.B. Cree CXB3590 Top Bin Chip is the best you can possibly get. This fixture is a total of 200w (4 x 50w chips) that fits perfectly in any 2' x 4' tent, closet, or grow space. Comes with a built in dimmer that allows you to foliar spray or work with the plants without disturbing the light cycle. Standard fixtures come with 3500k color temperature. *Other temperatures are available upon request. 

C.O.B (or Chip on Board) LED grow lights are the most efficient lights currently on the market. With over 56% efficiency (that's light to heat output)- compared to HID lights at about 40% efficient. 
3 Year Warranty.

In the chart below, the Green line represents the light spectrum for the COB LEDs vs a standard HPS bulb
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