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Sun Hut Big Easy 2'x4' Tent

Shipping Weight: 26 lbs
Manufactured by: Sunlight Supply
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Sun Hut® The Big Easy® Grow Tents are enclosed greenhouses that have a durable, lightweight and light-tight 190D outer material with a highly reflective interior surface. The Big Easy® has reinforced stitching in high wear areas and has a new improved zipper creating a rugged and durable grow environment. All sizes have a 'U' shaped rear door for total access to your growing space. The frame of The Big Easy® consists of galvanized steel poles and unique quick connect molded plastic corners. With these two features combined, the assembly of this grow tent is both quick and simple. Other features include 10 in duct ports, high and low lamp/power cord ports and a tray bottom. The 2 ft x 4 ft, 4 ft x 4 ft, and 4 ft x 8 ft models are large enough to fit the largest plastic grow trays on the market. Note: model numbers identify the approximate cubic feet.

Actual Interior Dimensions:
52.7in x 34.4in x 79in
(2.8' x 4.3' x 6.5')
Weight Limit (for equipment hanging from frame): 70 lbs.

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