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Vital Earth Glacial Rock 5lb

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
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A wide variety of rocks containing a spectrum of trace materials are collected and pulverized by the expansion/contraction of the glaciers. This product replaces key soil elements, reversing soil depletion. An excellent source of readily available calcium, iron, and magnesium plus trace elements and micronutrients. Increases phosphorus availability.

  • All-natural organic fertilizer.
  • Provides plants with essential trace elements and minerals.
  • Boosts Brix levels
  • Helps to make insoluble phosphorus soluble
  • Less fertilization required
  • Helps to feed soil microbes
  • No additives. No fillers.
  • Promotes improved crop yield.
  • Adds vital & essential minerals to depleted soils.

Application Rates:

    Garden And Landscapes: Up to 4.4 lbs per 100 sq. ft. Gently dig into soil surface once per month or as desired.

    Transplanting and premixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes: 4 tsps. per gal. or growing medium. Apply once a month or as desired. gently dig into soil surface.

    Top Dressing: 4 tsps. per 1 gal. of soil or growing medium. Apply once a month or as desired.


      • You can mix a pinch in with your compost tea.
      • Great for adding to your compost.
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