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Nematode 1 Mil

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Manufactured by: Nature's Control
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Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic warriors. They look like small worms and are found naturally in our soil and other habitats. There are many species of Nematodes good, bad and in-between. The good/beneficial nematodes kill the pests affecting your garden. The beneficial Nematode, the Grubstake H6 has been tested to be effective in controlling the following pests: Other white grubs, Japanese beetle, masked chaffer, sweet potato weevil, May/June beetles, Colorado potato beetle, strawberry root weevil, flea, bill bug, banana moth, banana weevil, bagworms, flea beetle, carrot weevil, sugarcane stalk borer, cucumber beetle, various tree & vine borers, asparagus beetle, black vine weevil, citrus root weevil group and many more.
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