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DM Gold One Grow 1L

Shipping Weight: 2.5 lbs
Manufactured by: Dutch Master
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Dutch Master ONE is a remarkable breakthrough in one part hydroponic nutrient development. Dutch Master One now stands at the forefront of one part nutrient development by incorporating revolutionary Calcium Binding Technology together with proprietary Bio Delivery & Ionic Balancing Technologies. By enabling Calcium to be bound in concentrate and then released again upon dilution, Dutch Master ONE has overcome the most crucial hurdle in One Part Nutrient development, that of insufficient Calcium and Sulphur status. Until now the Calcium and Sulphur status of one part nutrients has been marginal at best, leaving your plants nutritional status compromised of these vitally important elements. The revolutionary Calcium Binding, dedicated Bio Delivery & Ionic Balancing Technologies within Dutch Master ONE ensures that your plants nutritional status of these vital elements are never compromised. The ionic balancing incorporated into Dutch Master ONE ensures that all the elements, not only Calcium & Sulphur contained within the concentrate, are at maximum bio availability. This helps ensure that your plants will grow and flower to their true potential.

You now have access to a 1 part nutrient that is superior in performance to most multiple part hydroponic nutrients. All this with the ease of use that only a 1 part nutrient can offer.

These remarkable breakthroughs in nutrient and solution dynamics are only possible through the dedication of Dutch Masters R&D team.

As always, Dutch Master ONE is fully tested in an independent laboratory prior to bottling to ensure that you NEVER receive an unbalanced bottle of Dutch Master ONE. A feature unique only to Dutch Master products.

For mind blowing results use Dutch Master ONE together with Max Vegetative & Flowering boost & always use Dutch Master Potash Plus for results that you have to see to believe!

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