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HF Light Meter

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Manufactured by: Hydrofarm
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Photosynthesis & Plant Growth depend on the sun or specially designed lighting systems. But of that light reaching the plant, only specific types of energy (in the lighting spectrum) drive the photosynthesis process. Since light is the most important single factor affecting your plants' life cycles, quality light meters are an essential tool in determining accurately if your crop is receiving the maximum light needed for healthy growth. A light meter allows commercial growers an accurate means of adapting to their plants' needs as the light conditions change during a full growing season. Identify best light level of healthy plants. Easy to use hand-held design. Get precise reading with two scales. Includes instructions and "Consumer's Guide to Light Gardening" brochure. Lifetime silicon sensor no batteries required. Read up to 5000 footcandles of sun, high intensity or fluorescent light. Exclusive "Zero" calibration feature - accurate to 2%. Full two year warranty - the longest in the industry
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