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Floralicious Plus 8 oz

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Manufactured by: General Hydroponics
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Floralicious™ 2.8 - 0.08 - 0.02 Plus has high concentrations of vitamins, complex sugars, amino acids, phytostimulants, polyflavonoids, and aromatic oils in an organic fulvic base. Floralicious™ Plus also contains a liquid suspension of Bacillus Subtilis.

Floralicious™ Plus enhances mineral nutrient uptake and transport in your plants. Active carbon technology facilitates the conversion
and biosynthesis of complex secondary aromatic compounds. Floralicious™ Plus enhances metabolic growth, promotes flower development, stimulates fruit swelling, and enhances essential oil production. Floralicious™ Plus also encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone.

Floralicious™ Plus is a one part organic nutrient additive to be used throughout your plants growing cycle. Floralicious™ Plus contains the organic building blocks of life and is used in addition to your regular fertilizer programs.
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