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Vegetable Gardening Florida

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With full-color photographs and detailed expert advice, this affordable paperback describes how to grow abundant vegetables and edible herbs in gardens anywhere in Florida. This book offers clear explanations of useful gardening terms and joins popular growing concepts with the expertise of the University of Floridaís Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Jim Stephens explains types of gardens, site selection, vegetable variety selection, garden establishment and care, soil fertilization and management, climactic implications, cultivation practices, harvesting, and storing. He also addresses the challenge of pests and diseases and includes a detailed and illustrated description of all the major and minor crops usually grown in Florida. And he doesnít overlook basic, practical advice: thin the turnips, keep your tools sharp and clean, and donít use fertilizer on those vegetables. This guide will be indispensable to homeowners, schoolteachers, and anyone who enjoys a juicy, homegrown tomato.

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