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Yield Master 6" AC Reflector

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Based off the success of the original Yield Master, Sunlight Supply has taken the design a step further with a proper air-cooled option. With six inch flanges located inline with the bulb, glass lens gasket to maintain optimal suction, and aerodynamic junction box, the features of a high performance air-cooled reflector are now available in an affordable reflector.

Now sealed! Features gasketed glass & integrated restraint bars to hold glass tightly in place
95% reflective German aluminum offers excellent output and uniformity
6 inch air-cooled fittings are integrated into the design of the reflector no need to purchase fittings separately!
Includes tempered glass lens and built-in socket & 15 foot lamp cord
Redesigned aerodynamic junction box
Durable white power coated finish

Dimensions: 22.75" long x 22.5 " wide x 7.24" high

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