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Amino Treatment 1L

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Manufactured by: House & Garden
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Amino Treatment is a revolutionary new product containing high quality silica and amino acids that encourages root development, vegetative growth, as well as fruit and flower production. Amino Acids help increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant which lead to a higher degree of photosynthesis. This makes crops lush and green, increasing plant vigor and overall yields.

Healthier plants will produce higher quality and quanitity of fruits.

  • Contains a balanced complex of ingredients.
  • Small silicate paritcles, much smaller than what is found in normal silicon.
  • Proides greater tolerance of environmental stresses such as cold, heat, drought, salinity, mineral toxicity or deficiency.
  • Provides a better distribution of sprouting leaves and a higher rate of photosynthesis.
  • Plants grow with more robust stems.
  • Increased root zone activity. 

Dilution Rate for Amino Treatment is approximately 1ml per gallon of nutrient solution.

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